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    Little Monsters (1989)

    Oh, and it has Devin Rataray... aka Buzz McCallister from Home Alone.
  2. Irishtate

    Little Monsters (1989)

    I have loved this movie since I was a child (born '82). It has been more a part of my life than Star Wars is for some people. But, I do have to admit, it's crazy that it was ever made. Howie Mandel as an under-the-bed monster, Fred Savage, Frank Whaley as the big bad 'Boy', and my absolute favorite... highly underappreciated Rick Ducommun. Oh, and Daniel Stern plays Fred's father (coincidence to Wonder Years?). Its crazy, it's weird, its surprisingly sweet. But no matter what, it's crazy that it ever got made (see what I did there).