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    I've been following HTDGM from the first few episodes, for years and years and years. How? By downloading the mp3's. Now, literally the only way you can listen to podcasts on Earwolf is to subscribe to a feed so it automatically downloads whatever it wants to, with no control. You cannot manually download anything with Omny. I do not understand why whatever portion of the fanbase that listens as I do has gotten a big middle finger, but hey. What can you do. Not allowed, and the operators don't seem to care at all. I guess whatever deal they cut is more important than some of the fans. Oh well, nice ride while it lasted, I guess. Five bucks for stitcher, holding the majority of the episodes hostage? I'll give my money to the We Hate Movies guys through their patreon, and I'd advise anyone else who has been increasingly dissatisfied with the directions Earwolf has been going to do the same. 300+ episodes, for free, that you can download. Support the people who care about the fans.