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  1. RegalBeagle

    Reading Regret

    "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon was the worst book I've recently read. During the entire duration of reading it, I found myself actively rooting against all the characters and their version of Christianity that was somehow fantastically boring and milquetoast while having fantastical effects and resolutions that couldn't possibly happen in the real world [which was what Sheldon was advocating, that by simply asking WWJD the upper classes could radically transform society for the lower classes. . .but WWJD often had nothing in common with the apocalyptic prophet that was Christ. Just upper class USAian norms]. So that book was fantastically awful. "ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path" was also fantastically bad and underdeveloped. I recall one diagram that was supposed to illustrate the big tents of both Christianity and Paganism by having each religion represented as a big umbrella with specific denominations/"paths" UNDERNEATH the umbrella in little rain drops. Your umbrella is terrible if it is letting you get soaked by water [unintentional commentary, maybe?]
  2. RegalBeagle

    Do other people have real life friends who are podcast fans?

    My partner of seven years really likes MBMBAM but I can't get him to listen to CBB. I think he'd like it, but I got into the podcast through the show a few years back. He didn't like the show and therefore assumes he won't like the podcast, which is unfortunate since they really were/are two different things.