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    Episode 188 - Any F*cking Clown 2020

    After listening to multiple podcasts I am curious about further discussion on two specific points on E. Warren's candidacy that I have not heard addressed, but feel are important to draw attention to/respond to. Age (this isn't specific to E.W. but is a general comment for a large majority of the field). The average age of the USA is in the late 30s - as the leader of the Executive Branch is meant to be representative of the constituency that is the USA, does the age of a number of the candidates become a problem as they are not 1 but 2 generations removed from the average (mean and median). E.W. (and this is my specific issue with her) is very good at calling people out on their bull and explaining what a realistic approach to reconciliation would entail. However, when faced with her own previous bad decisions (hello DNA test) I have not heard any admission or reconciliation with "I tried to fix a mistake with a mistake and I'm sorry." I know it was in response to Trump being Trump but it seems problematic on a lot of levels. Thoughts? I would love to hear them as I am truly looking at specific discussions to these terms as I'm am looking at possible choices.