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  1. The Dreaded Mini Hook

    Traxx (1988)

    I thought for sure I would be the first to suggest this one. I haven't seen it for 20 years I bet. The scene where the bad guys pass a line of bicyclers and all hang out the windows of their limo with ball bats and have batting practice reminds me of my girlfriend a little. I picture it everytime she complains about getting stuck behind a bicycle and it makes me laugh.
  2. The Dreaded Mini Hook

    Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

    Just wanted to bring this one back to the top of the list. I try to pass this one along as one to watch as often as I can. The name might turn people off for some reason. I know several people who said they thought about watching it but had never pulled the trigger. This movie is great, it probably is too good for the podcast. At least until the twist ending, it was my least favorite part.
  3. The Dreaded Mini Hook

    Zombeavers (2014)

    I wanted to suggest this movie going from memory. I remembered enjoying it and it's crazy puppet work. After reading the other comments I realized I probably watched it because I heard them talking about it on the podcast. So it might not be perfect for the show but I do think people should know about it, and watch it for themselves.
  4. The Dreaded Mini Hook

    Escanaba in Da Moonlight (2001)

    This movie is great. I think it would be perfect for the show. Jeff Daniels is amazing in this. It's a movie about a deer hunter who goes out every year and never kills a deer. There's some trouble with the locals around deer camp and the game warden then the aliens and ghosts show up or is it God idk. This DVD was given to me they said it was a stupid movie. I show it to everybody I can, everyone seems to enjoy it as much as I do. I've even watched it with the guy that gave it to me, he liked it and forgot he gave it to me. Said he must not have ever watched it just judged it by it's cover.
  5. The Dreaded Mini Hook

    The Voices (2014)

    This movie is super dark. I had seen it a few years ago and idk why but I decided to watch it again today. I wouldn't say it's a great movie but it might be good for the podcast. It's hard to believe Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick signed on. It's got choreographed pink forklifts that look like synchronized swimming in the middle of the movie and there is a dance number featuring Jesus driving one at the end. Yes that Jesus, on a pink forklift.
  6. The Dreaded Mini Hook

    Space Truckers (1996)

    This is the movie I thought of when I heard my first episode of hdtgm. I too figured Charles Dance as a space pirate with a pull start penis would be enough to make this perfect for the podcast. Also It's available on Amazon prime video so it's easy to find. I almost forgot George Wendt gets sucked out of a porthole into space ass first.