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  1. Catarina Cunha

    Episode 64 - Whitney Cummings

    I was actually running while I was listening to this episode. At first I felt demotivated to keep working out, but then I started again, since this is the only reason I'm aloud to go outside nowadays (we're in emergency state here in Portugal due to the corona virus). So everyone is already looking at me like I'm an alien, because I'm outside and running, when I'm not a runner and I'm quite bad at it. And suddenly I'm laughing so hard, by myself, because of the podcast, and the hole "Yelloooow" banter... That didn't help my image, as you can imagine. But ok. Kidding aside, I love this podcast, it has been a true pleasure! I've listened to pretty much every episode, so far. Conan, Sona and Matt you are such a great team. I particularly like the episodes with female guests (don't know why, maybe it's a gender thing, 'cause I can feel more connected to those guests), and Whitney Cummings was a good example of that. Thank you so much and keep on doing a great job!