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    Episode 238 — Bloodshot (w/ Adam Scott)

    But it strikes me more as them talking about flying first class and someone grousing because they can’t afford to fly to their vacation this year. They weren’t making light of any part of the virus or its economic ramifications, weren’t making a plane crash joke. I HATE it when someone counts my money. Once again, If I were buying up prescription patents to drive up prices, then get that guillotine. But if you’re going to tut at me buying a second copy of a movie or album, you can tut right off.
  2. LaBamba.ComBa

    Episode 238 — Bloodshot (w/ Adam Scott)

    There have to be gradations here. They’re not complaining about good-for-nothing renters skipping out on rent or bragging about access to testing. Times are tough, but slagging people for $40 meaning less to them than it does to you (when they were talking about how steep $20 is in the first place) is the wrong kind of class nitpicking. Also, it wasn’t a live show. This was a candid convo between friends who are all well-paid. I’m sure this would have gone down otherwise. They bought the same movie twice, but I don’t think they used PPP Loan funds to do so.
  3. LaBamba.ComBa

    Episode 238 — Bloodshot (w/ Adam Scott)

    It makes sense that The Rock allows for/encourages formidable antagonists in his movies. He’s a wrestler! The biggest ingredient for a good guy to get over with the fans is a solid bad guy. Good guys have to get kicked around, cheated, and beaten almost to their demise so their comeback is sweeter. The best good guys don’t just kick ass—some don’t kick ass at all—they get their asses kicked and manage to find a way back. It seems why Dave Batista is cool getting beat up by Kumail in Stuber and John Cena is cool playing the butt of jokes in comedies. Hell, Roddy Piper took getting the shit beat out of him to legendary levels in *They Live* Why Vin has to be so precious about winning fake fights? Who knows...