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  1. Today's ep with Stephen Toblowsky was maybe the best episode of anything I've ever heard, like in a really low key way. Just an immensely enjoyable listen. Great stories and fun trivia, and they were so funny as a threesome. Generally I can't handle people talking about music, but this show has become one of the high points of my podcast week. The way they try to keep up their dumb bits throughout interviews with cultural icons who are completely unaware, and you can tell Scott and Adam are kind of nervous about offending them but the drive to be stupid always overwhelms. It really adds stakes and extra dimension to the interviews. I don't go a day without smiling about yoda dropping his cane and saying fuck. That being said, I have to say: Guys, Stephen dropped one of the biggest, fattest MY WIFE's i've ever heard in my life. Just DRIPPING with butter. And I know you guys heard it because there was like 2 seconds of silence afterwards, and we all know Scotty don't miss a my wife. NEVER. Now, I'm not mad, but I feel like I gotta ask: Are you boys ok?
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