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  1. Stewart M

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Ultimately, there are two scenes that ruin the movie for me, and they happen right next to each other: The scene introducing Etta was super upsetting. Etta enters the room and the SK is just waiting in her room with a gun pointed at her! Even though they were being playful about it, the scene played out way too long before revealing that. The other scene is the “Raindrops” bike riding scene. Having a contemporary song playing completely took me out of the film.
  2. Stewart M

    Blade Runner

    Anyone else find it odd that the hero of the movie is a cop whose only job is to execute (aka retire) people he determines are not actually human? Don’t mean to get political, but as I was rewatching it during the riots it definitely stood out. I voted to keep it, but only really for the world built for the film. We already have 2 iconic Harrison Ford roles, and I’d prefer A Scanner Darkly for a Phillip K Dick adaptation and Alien for a Ridley Scott film. But this world, much like Mad Max: Fury Road, feels totally immersive. I don’t think Deckard is a replicant because of the camera trick used for replicants. Every time you see their eyes in the dark a halo appears around their iris, kind of like when you get red eyes in a photograph. ALL of the replicants are shown this way (even the owl in Tyrell’s office), but Deckard eyes did not do that. SIDE NOTE: I would also love to see RoboCop on the the list.
  3. Stewart M


    I voted no because I don’t think we need (3) Scorsese/DeNiro films on the list and none of them are very I would be willing to keep this one over Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, but there really only needs to be one of these on the list. Out of Scorsese’s filmography on the whole, I think The Departed would be a better film to include. It was Scorsese’s first Oscar win for Best Picture, has far better performances, and WAY more interesting characters with motivation beyond “I wanna be a gangster.” For gangster/mob movies, I’d love to see Scarface on the list (1983 remake, though 1932 is excellent as well). Goodfellas is way too similar to The Godfather for me to wanna keep it, but Scarface (Al Pacino notwithstanding) is a more focused story and would diversify the list to add a story of Cuban refugees in the ‘80.