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    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Does anyone have a picture of the baby doll monster they referenced in her bathroom? Tried to search, but couldn't find what they were referring to?
  2. jacofnotrades

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    I believe the reason why she had the picture of him is the same reason we had those posters up in our rooms as teenagers: he was essentially her hero or like how some kids would have posters of Mustangs on their walls, it serves as a reminder of what she wants to achieve. Another question is how did she get the picture or is it just an imagining of what she thinks it all looks like? It is mentioned about noids "slipping" into Cool World, but can doodles "slip" into our world? She had a knowledge of the real world so I guess yes or maybe she learned from the noids who crossed-over?
  3. jacofnotrades

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    First time posting, so forgive me if I'm not exactly doing this right but going off of what foolwriter said in terms of Harris vs. Deebs, I think they also serve to show that crime doesn't pay, but if you follow the rules you will be rewarded. Harris is a soldier who went off to fight for his country and while he escaped the horrors of the war, he found civilian life was just as brutal. I think this is why he chose to stay in Cool World, there pain and death aren't permanent. He meets and falls in love with a doodle, but despite potentially decades of sexual tension, follows the rules and only goes as far as the rules allow. In the end he is rewarded and his death allows him to fully be with the woman he loves. Deeb is a murderer, who despite several warnings, breaks the rules. In the end he ends up with a woman who hates him. One thing I don't understand is that if Holliwood wanted to be a noid so badly, when she removed the spike and everything started turning into Cool World, why didn't she try to stick that sucker back herself? Just figured if we're all doodles that's cool too?