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    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

    This movie does have some solid action scenes. The one at the Statue of Liberty is pretty good. This was in the good old days before they were worried about everyone being "safe." And then he gets chased by a pack of super intelligent dogs who can walk on tight ropes. It's pretty sweet.
  2. RAD5000

    Twisted Pair (2018)

    There is one part where he hits on a woman on the walkway. He sees her later and follows her home. Then they fight, he calls her bitch and it seems like he's going to rape her. She hits him over the head with a picture. (From the sound of it, glass is everywhere! )They laugh it off and cuddle. She says, "Mom called earlier." He says, "tell Mom hi." So, is that his sister? Girlfriend? This movie is way crazier than the first.
  3. RAD5000

    Rubin and Ed (1991)

    This movie is now out on Blu-ray, so that means you can get it other ways too (if you are picking up what I'm putting down). I think there are 2 types of movies they cover on HDTGM. First, the ones that are so bad you ask, "how did this get made?" The second is, "how did all the stars align in a way that the universe gifted us with such an awesome movie?" (The Fast and Furious franchise for example.) Rubin and Ed is definitely in the 2nd category. It's so good. The previous posters covered all the bases, so I won't elaborate.
  4. RAD5000

    PCU (1994)

    Hey Hey Ho Ho this penis party's got to go! This movie is great.
  5. I'm shocked that this movie hasn't been done yet. It is not like the ski movies of the 80's that mix skiing with wacky characters. It tries so hard to be the Top Gun of ski movies. The middle part of the movie is straight up crazy. The main guy's best friend (who would have been the wacky one in the 80's) gets suspended for two weeks for something that really wasn't his fault. Since he's out of work, he becomes a drug mule!!! He sucks at that and ends up being addicted to cocaine. One of the locals cleans him up and gets him back on skis. He then dies in an avalanche. This all happens in like 30 minutes. I think he's supposed to be the "Goose" character from Top Gun and he's played by Peter Burg. Just please watch this movie.
  6. RAD5000

    Cherry 2000 (1987)

    It's the perfect HDTGM movie. They don't really explain how the world ended up the way it is. The main dude's ex-girlfriend is in the crazy-guy's compound which makes no sense. The crazy guy is pretty awesome, by the way. They are in this 50's compound. Good stuff.
  7. RAD5000

    Artemis Fowl (2020)

    You forgot to mention that Judi Dench is in this. She's like this tough Fairy Police Captain/Military General. She sends what seems to be the whole army for one boy. When she comes out of some big military looking thing, shes says something really cheesy like "top of the mornin' to ya." My 8 year-old son loved it though. If you need a 5-start review, I can get one for you.
  8. RAD5000

    North Shore (1987)

    Spoiler Alert! Nothing really happens to the "hero" of this movie. He shows up to Hawaii with a surf board and a bag with no plan. He gets his bag stolen, but gets all his stuff back. For no reason at all the bad ass surfer takes him under his wing. And then he loses the final competition and just goes home. Even though it goes no where, this movie went down pretty easy. The best part is his friend, "Turtle." He talks like he's a local, but clearly he's not from Hawaii. They have other locals who are from Hawaii, so I don't know what Turtle's deal is. He's just kind of there. The Amazon reviews (83% 5 star) talk a lot about how funny Turtle is. He's not that funny. I was going to suggest the BMX movie Rad which has a truly great dance scene complete with costumes borrowed from the TV show "V." But, North Shore is a better HDTGM movie. If you don't do this 80's extreme sport movie, please do another 80's extreme sport movie.
  9. RAD5000

    Heartbeeps (1981)

    I tried to watch this movie last night. It's so bad. But as crystalfan from IMDB says, "This movie should be mandatory viewing in prisons--just think of the dreams and hopes it could inspire in the inmates. maybe even they could overcome their "bad" programming and join the rest of us in a crime-free world."
  10. I know HDTGM already did Hard Ticket to Hawaii. And, I know they only review one movie at a time. But, I think HDTGM would cover the "Sidaris Movie Universe." They have reoccurring characters with inside jokes that only make sense if you have seen the other movies. But then, they also re-use all the actors for the bad-guys. They also have people that they act like everyone should know them from an earlier movie, but they are brand new. Not only do they make really bad movies, they made a bad movie universe.
  11. RAD5000

    Back to The Beach (1987)

    I loved this as a kid too. We watched it the other day, I the kids liked it. They sing Jamaica Ska all the time. I think I'll watch it again and take a shot every time I see the guy with long, blonde, curly hair from the band the Surf Punks.