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  1. Monk without Shalhoub is like anal without the lube
  2. Now that fruit roll up covered pickles are a thing maybe someone will touch my green and red penis
  3. It may taste great but Arnold Schwarzeneggers taint sweat is the fountain of youth
  4. Dollars to donuts was really bad investment advice.
  5. It may seem fickle but it ain't please moan while tickling my taint
  6. Can you buy coffins from Amazon? I'm asking cause my Nannas gone.
  7. Phobophobia is the fear of phobias. I really hope I don't come down with it.
  8. My ex girlfriend is a freak in the sheets. Freak in the sheets is her cutesie way of saying kkk member.
  9. A day late, a dollar short, an Adrien Brody'd
  10. John McCain was known as a maverick. Yet another reason I believe that Tom Cruise killed him.
  11. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel is a nice compliment for barrel cleaners
  12. I remember when a snack pack was a container of pudding and not a cute guys semen
  13. Google for the important stuff. Bing for the porn and muff.