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    Episode 242.5 - Prequel to Episode 243

    As mentioned above, Jason nailed the Clone Wars and Rebels and the Clone troopers perfectly. While I'd agree with Paul's initial assessment, that the animated versions in Rebels of the older clones didn't as closely resemble Temuera Morrison as many of the other character models, they're all meant to be Jango clones/older versions of him. As Jason mentioned with paying close attention to the timelines, Rebels takes place 15-18 years after the Clone Wars and the Clone Troopers were engineered to age at an accelerated rate, so they've aged a lot more than Temuera Morrison has in the 18 years since Episode II.
  2. JoaquinSlowly

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    ‪‪I couldn't help but recognize Officer Case was played by John LaMotta, who played ALF's Mr. Ochmonek, one half of the nosey neighbor married couple always threatening to expose Alf by snooping on the Tanners. LaMotta was also in the previous installment of Cannon's "Ninja Trilogy," Revenge of the Ninja, as the seemingly unrelated character "Joe," then in American Ninja as Rinaldo, and other Cannon movies like Breakin' 2. And it's not a Cannon movie, but Bloodfist IV: Die Trying feels HDTGM adjacent.
  3. JoaquinSlowly

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    The gang keeps referring to the movie as being set/filmed in Culver City, or outside of LA, but it's actually Phoenix. ‪‪I wasn't sure myself while watching it, but ‪‪the credits confirmed it was filmed entirely in Arizona, in Phoenix and area suburbs Glendale and Tempe, and Sedona, likely the scenes on the rocks/temple on the hill.