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  1. I'd be more into Yoga, if Yoga were more into me. And if I were more into It, I'd be flexible AF.
  2. The Rhyming Mime

    I came. I saw. I left it for housekeeping.

    Love it!
  3. When I'm mildly to moderately depressed, I reach for No More Tears shampoo. No More Tears: Start saying goodbye to sobbing and side effects. And stop singing "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend."
  4. The best is yet to come. Not saying you're second best. But you just came, and I have not.
  5. Who knew He knew before everyone knew? I did! That's who. Because He's effing Me (And How)!
  6. Be a bud. Be wiser. But don't be both when swallowing Pfizer.