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  1. Don't shout at a mobster who's fresh outta lobster!
  2. In the name of the Frasier, the M*A*S*H, and the Third Rock From the Sun, Amen.
  3. I've never slashed a tyre but I have tired of Slash.
  4. Super Mario? I'll take the soup!
  5. I see London, I see France, I get horny, I jack off.
  6. Face it: A facetious faucet is the first facet of the faculty's facilities.
  7. Mr. Gorbachev, eat out this clit!
  8. I don't know what a tracker mortgage is.
  9. Crunchy NutSkin

    Ride and/or die

    Ride and/or die
  10. They paved parakeets, and put up a barking dog.
  11. C-3-Penises and Fart-2-D-2 -- Now THAT'S a Star Wars!
  12. Crunchy NutSkin

    Set phasers to GUN

    Set phasers to GUN
  13. The knight is young... Demote him to squire!
  14. M. Night We're Gonna Party Like It's Shyamalanty-nine!
  15. If all these lawsuits were three-piece suits I'd stop getting sued for indecent exposure