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  1. I work with violent crimes and murder for a living, but not as a criminal. I can verify that Sona is correct--serial killers are considerably smarter than others. To deal with all of the death and crime I see every day, a warped sense of humor is a must and Conan would fit right in with the major crime detectives I work with. Like Sissa above, I can also confirm that most murderers are not smart, although they think they are. Conan is also correct that we have a lot of homicides here in the Pacific Northwest. Could be the rain, or could be the meth. Frequently it's both. Also, I am as pale, if not more so than Conan. If Conan, Jim Gaffigan, and I were in a room together, we could easily blind an entire state. Some of the attorneys I work with cover their eyes when I have a dress or skirt on and any of my skin shows. Also, my son says my arms will look like a giraffe's neck soon due to my freckles. Being Irish is great. (cough).