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  1. Loved they spent a whole day outside to record all 5 episodes. I had thursday off and spent my day out driving in fresh air laughing and listening to them toss lotion and sing to helicopters together all day.
  2. Mummbles

    "Lydia song" - ep tix 2 xmas

    I personally recognized the "Lydia" song from a scene in "The great Muppet Caper" where Charles Grodin was singing something like "Here's to yooooou, Miss Piggy " to the same tune durring a ballroom/diamond heist scene. So happy the trio is back. Need it so bad right now
  3. Both Depeche Mode and the B-52's had pop but experimental musical success throughout the 80's & 90' . Scott and Scott seem to like that shit. I know I cause I like that shit