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  1. 3 hours ago, DrGuts1003 said:

    Is the "Millhurst" that they keep wanting to travel to a fictional town, or are they referring to Millhurst, New Jersey?  If it's the town in New Jersey, then that is nowhere near Poughkeepsie, which is where they end up getting tickets for because the Millhurst train doesn't run anymore.  In fact, doing a quick Google map search, Poughkeepsie is about 120 miles away from Millhurst.  If someone was looking to go to Millhurst, surely the man at the ticket booth would give them tickets to somewhere closer to their desired location than that.

    Also, the ticket booth operator keeps saying that the Millhurst line hasn't run for 30 years.  Are we to believe that the shooting incident in this film somehow led to the termination of the Millhurst line?  What if Dylan, Sarah, and Jonas have been reincarnated multiple times and every time it ends with people who want to go to Millhurst shooting each other and they closed down the line believing it was cursed?  Or maybe it is just a case of Grand Central realizing that the only people who would ever want to visit New Jersey are deeply troubled individuals.

    She's "taking the train to Millhurst" should be popular euphemism  for someone insane.   

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  2. That bank at the end was pretty lax with their password security.  "Just say it out loud. Hope no one hears it."  Also, that is a really obvious password to use especially considering how famous the heist must have been afterward.

    Why was the bank spelled  World Banc?  If you didn't want to copy "World Bank" for legal reasons, why not use something other than "World"?

    Other point about the horrible choice for Dog Day Afternoon.  The reason Pacino's character is so memorable is because he is so nice to the hostages.  Kind of changes the dynamic of the movie if he starts killing all the hostages.


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