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  1. MyNDIrish

    Wrapping up the AFI 100

    One of the things that bothered me about this podcast was this discussion. I agree there is a definite lean towards the old white director part. But limiting the list to allow only two films for each director? How about limiting the top works of arts by artist? Yeah, that Davinci (or Michelangelo) was great, but let's not let him dominate the top 100 art works of all time. Or music - yeah, the Beatles were good, but they can only have two songs in the top 100. WTF?!?! That's why they take the labels off the bottles when they do wine tasting. And it probably pisses off the French winemakers when they do that. Because God forbid someone should choose a non-French wine as the top dog. I just wish they could do something like that for movies.
  2. MyNDIrish

    The Rundown (2003)

    One of the most awesome movies ever made. That said, I'd love to see them do this on "How Did This Get Made", although I think, along with Con Air and Face Off, this would go into the "Thank God This Got Made" category. Five stars.