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  1. It's very annoying that it doesn't say anymore who the guests are. Especially since this will prevent us from searching for guests in the future. Say I'm in a Lauren Lapkus or Andy Daly mood, I cannot search for their episodes anymore. Often when a new episode is released, I have to close stitcher and open the apple podcast app to see who is on this week. It can't be in your interest to create confusion for those who actually subscribed to Stitcher.
  2. No wonder we don't see any flagships anymore, if they don't even sell them in the flagship store.
  3. All I got this Halloween, was a bag full of Covid-19.
  4. Goose Poop and the Blues Troop

    Triassic Attack (2010)

    I second this suggestion. Crazy it hasn't been discussed on the show yet. Also, it has Emilia Clarke in it and was directed by Colin Ferguson who starred in Eureka.