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  1. Rubber baby buggy bumpers, makes my dick go thumpy thumpers
  2. Everyone told me that a flashlight is the best light... But I can't see shit with this thing
  3. I'll heckle your schmechel for a shekel
  4. You say tomato, I say red ball of shit
  5. Someone needs to tell Ben Schwartz that space forts cause face warts unless he snorts quartz with his favorite escorts.
  6. Mirror mirror on the wall, whys my peen so gosh darn small?
  7. I wish I may, I wish I might, inside weirdest Kulap, put my peen tonight
  8. My secret to being good at sex is that I make a dolphin noise when I orgasm. I go E-e-E-e, she says she finished, then we both leave satisfied
  9. The people demanded more Cake Boss, and today.... We deliver
  10. Calvin, don't piss on my leg and tell me it was hobbes
  11. People say I have a horse face, but this is clearly the face of an ass
  12. I'm so depressed, just the shell of a man. Does anyone's hermit crab need a new home?
  13. In soviet Russia, phrase catch you
  14. If candies and nuts were boobies and butts, I'd finally be having an orgy
  15. I asked for candies and nuts not boobies and butts. How am I supposed to crank one out to this?