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    The Nutcracker in 3D (2010)

    Another Christmas, another missed opportunity to do this movie. Holy shit, it has so much to talk about
  2. Hey guys! Thanks again for the participation every week. Hope you guys like Shakespeare, because I don't! Love's Labour's Lost -- Post-Movie Survey
  3. Thanks again for participating! Again, more hilarious responses. See you next time! RESULTS There is still time to take the survey before you read the results! Cats Post-Movie Survey
  4. DingDongMan

    Cats -- Post-Movie Survey

    I want to thank the HDTGM crew for making me watch this movie for a second time. It was the first movie i watched with my friends for our bad movie night and it was just as bonkers this time around. Hopefully the survey will make up for it. Enjoy! Cats -- Post-Movie Survey
  5. Hey! I decided to release the results with the episode so people haven't lost interest in the movie by next weeks minisode. Loved the responses so far, really made me laugh! RESULTS Take the Survey if you haven't yet
  6. DingDongMan

    Results -- Governor Gabbi -- Post-Movie Survey

    I'm still gonna put out the survey as close to the minisode as I can, no worries! Just gonna let people see the results earlier so they can enjoy them before they move on to the next movie.
  7. DingDongMan

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    Maybe it's just me, but from what I can see, wrinkled uniforms = cute
  8. DingDongMan

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    I thought this movie was pretty great. Darkly funny in the right spots and Dan Stevens was perfect for the role. Liked that they didn't hold back once he finally went on his rampage. Also that final shot made me bust up!
  9. Wow, unbelievable movie. And so timely! This is scarier than any horror movie they could have chosen this month. Please fill out this week's post-movie survey! If you enjoy the surveys, please like and share with friends! Also, if you have any feedback or ideas to make them better, please share! Thanks! Governor Gabbi Survey P.S. I was able to rent the movie on Vimeo for just $0.99. A few bucks cheaper than Amazon. Enjoy!
  10. DingDongMan

    Governor Gabbi -- Post-Movie Survey

    If you didn't, I'd be worried
  11. DingDongMan

    Governor Gabbi -- Post-Movie Survey

    Thanks! I get it, I wasn't watching every movie they did before this. Just have so much free time thanks to quar. This one has more responses than the previous 2, so things are trending upwards!
  12. DingDongMan

    House (1977)

    This is an amazing Japanese horror comedy from the 1970's. So much insanity and wild scenes that have to be seen to be believed. It features 7 main character girls with names like Fantasy, Gorgeous, Kung Fu, and Prof. And yes, Kung Fu does kung fu and Prof is the "smart" one with glasses. It's on HBO Max right now and was a perfect Halloween watch, though any time would work. Edit - oops, I didn't find it when I searched "House 1977" for some reason
  13. Definitely! I missed the first one. And hopefully they extend the watch time after
  14. Hey gang, here are the results for Breakin' 2! Thanks again for the responses and I'll be back soon after suffering through Governor Gabbi. If you enjoy these, please like and share them with your friends and close enemies. I am always open to suggestions and feedback as well, I'm always trying to make them better and reach a broader audience. Thanks! If you saw Breakin' 2 and want to participate before seeing the results, here is the survey link.
  15. Love it. They look like they are wearing seatbelts
  16. Hey guys, back for another round of surveys. Had a lot of fun doing this week's movie and I'm looking forward to your hilarious answers! If you want to watch this movie and have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for the free week trial of "Brown Sugar", then cancel if you don't want to pay any money. It's totally worth it! If you have seen Breakin' 2 and want to respond, please click below! Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo Post-Movie survey Thanks to everyone who responded to the last movie, Under the Cherry Moon, the results were great! I will release the results to Breakin' 2 around the time of the next mini episode and do the next movie! Thanks and have fun!
  17. Hey guys, here are the results from my Under the Cherry Moon post-movie survey! Hope everyone enjoys reading through them as much as I did. I will be back in a day or two with the next movie, once the minisode is released and I find out the next movie. Results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ikOMHz7nsQFEU8zBT7eSo6pcLAbc3hh1Ql2Jkj9L2Lc/viewanalytics If you've seen the movie and didn't get a chance to take it, go ahead and do so now before you read the results! Survey: https://forms.gle/67AZ7uuFDqWm2L2s6 Thanks!
  18. Hey guys! I wanted to invite you all to take my post movie survey of Under the Cherry Moon. This is intended to be done after watching the actual movie, not listening to the episode. I make these surveys every week for a group of my close friends after our weekly Bad Movie Monday and they seem to like doing them. I have a lot of time on my hands lately and thought I would start doing them for HDTGM movies and see if it catches on. I will release the results around the time of the next mini episode and then do the next movie! It's a fun way for HDTGM fans to get more involved in the movies, be creative, and make each other laugh. Hope you enjoy! Link: https://forms.gle/67AZ7uuFDqWm2L2s6
  19. DingDongMan

    Under the Cherry Moon - Post Movie Survey

    Thanks! When I release the results on Thursday, do you think I should post them here or start a new thread?
  20. Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. I prefer to 69, that way everyone gets eaten.
  21. DingDongMan

    Under the Cherry Moon - Post Movie Survey

    I can't wait to share them! Waiting for more responses, it's more fun if everyone responds before you read them
  22. DingDongMan

    Ep 250 โ€” Under the Cherry Moon

    If anyone has seen this movie and wants to participate in my Post-Movie Survey, please do! It's meant to be funny and get people involved with each HDTGM movie. Already had some great submissions and I look forward to sharing them with you all!
  23. Stick your bones inside my stones and squirt until you hurt me