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    Episode 249.5 — Minisode 249.5

    I know Paul reads these comments, but does Jason or June? I'd really like to hear Jason's take on an anime called "Stein's Gate". Which is fairly well known in Anime circles (at least I think it is), but I think casual Anime watchers may have missed it. It's great, but it's also bonkers.
  2. Peter F

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    Agreed... i remember hearing about a cop that got to the twin towers at 9/11 early. While he was trying to help people, he kept hearing splats, and was wondering why someone was throwing watermelons from the top floors of the towers. He then realized it was people falling. At terminal velocity, you are essentially a human flesh bag of soft squishy stuff. If those remains of Margaret were found, they would know she didn’t jump from the building, unless, like you said, it was the tallest building ever.
  3. Peter F

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    In regards to Gonzo's stunt flight... At one point he realizes that there is plane trouble, as the engine sputters... and instead of, you know, landing the plane.. He decides to do more stunts for the crowd. Also, what pilot shouts over the roar of a bi-plane engine to himself "I LOVE MY LIFE!!!" dude, you're just doing some loop de loops in front of a dozen or two naive students, your wage isn't great, and airplane fuel costs are through the rough. Also, no one talked about the (day) dream sequence where Tanya forces Jake's wife out the door. The special effects of that shot looked like they cropped a plane out of Microsoft Flight simulator. As for the Pink hat. That was purely Chekov's hat... it was so pink and in your face, as to establish that Jake's wife wears this all the time. So that in the middle of the movie, jake can identify the imposter actor/model as his wife, because it's a female with a pink hat on in his backyard.
  4. Peter F

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    After watching it, and seeing that it said "Based on a true story". I googled that as well and came up with the same article that essentially says "no it's not." That's just blatantly misrepresentation... Especially when they try to convince the reader that it is a true story because "While Deadly Mile High Club might not be based on a true story — it's inspired by a sexual fantasy that is very, very real." So what, because people like to fantasize about having sex in planes, means that this is "almost sort of a true story?" That's like saying "People like dinosaurs... Jurassic Park? True story!"
  5. Peter F

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    I was hoping that Paul, June and Jason would have mentioned the car.... So the mother and the Tanya go up in the plane, and it appears that they are flying for some time because she is giving a mini-lesson about how planes fly. So even if this lesson is the briefest of brief, it's at least a 10 minute conversation. Depending on the type of plane, it could be travelling at speeds of 140km/h - 200km/h. So if we choose 150km/h as a rough estimate. They would have travelled 25km (15.5miles) in that conversation (at that means talking from the moment they lifted off the ground). She decides then to eject the mother-in law and pushes her out of the seat to her death. When the daughter gets the call from the Coroner (wouldn't the police call her?), he says that she committed suicide, and that her car was found nearby. Wait, what? How did her car get there? Her car was parked at a small airport somewhere, a bare minimum of 25km away, more than likely 50km away. Also that building just happened to be "the" suicide building of downtown? Also falling from the plane, wouldn't you reach terminal velocity and smack that ground with so much force that you would explode. You could get the same effect from a building, but it would have to be a very high building... so ok, maybe... But still, i want to know.. did Tanya quickly fly back, get Margaret's car, drive like crazy to the place where she went splat (if she could even figure out that exact location from the air and translate that to driving). Get the car there, wipe down all her prints on the car, leave it, and hitch hike home or something. All before the body was found and police came to investigate.
  6. Peter F

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    I believe it's established that they've been married for 6 years. The dude looks like he's 23.
  7. Peter F

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    I thought that was very odd when I heard it. I'm not a coffee drinker, I can't stand it. But I've never heard anyone say "oOohh, that decaf, can't wait for that relaxing time with my decaf coffee, my one luxury... decaf..." and this employee must be thinking "ooooh, someone has decaf in this place? I am definitely stealing some of that!"