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    Ep 250 — Under the Cherry Moon

    Last one, I promise.
  2. SalvadorDaliParton

    Ep 250 — Under the Cherry Moon

    Picking a favorite Prince song is damn near impossible, so I’ll post a few.
  3. SalvadorDaliParton

    Ep 250 — Under the Cherry Moon

    I wish they had talked about the bizarre premiere that this movie had because it is so in-line with how bizarre Under The Cherry Moon is. MTV held a contest for one lucky winner to host the premiere in their hometown. The winner, Lisa Barber, was from Sheridan, Wyoming...not exactly a big city able to handle the logistics of hosting a movie premiere and a concert by Prince and the Revolution. The whole thing was a mess, but came together, much like Under the Cherry Moon. In fact, it was so wild, the story was optioned to become a film starring Elizabeth Banks, but that’s unlikely to happen now. The whole wacky story can be found here: https://ultimateprince.com/prince-under-the-cherry-moon-premiere/
  4. SalvadorDaliParton

    Episode 249.5 — Minisode 249.5

    As a huge HDTGM fan and a massive Prince fan, I am soooooo excited for this episode! Laughably bad movie, amazing soundtrack. The “wrecka stow” bit with Prince, Jerome, and DAME KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS is so stupid, it comes back to funny. I cannot WAIT to hear their thoughts! And I’ll do my best to not submit any Corrections & Omissions that come off as Prince-splaining.