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  1. I would like to suck on one of your finest chili-smothered hot dogs, Mr Tastee Freeze.
  2. Don’t make any big decisions till you put your undies on.
  3. Like a hummingbird’s proboscis in a garden’s hibiscus, only the hummingbird is a donkey with a giant red ding dong stuck in a mayonnaise jar.
  4. Just a couple of wieners smoochin’ butts.
  5. If we don’t put razors in the apples, how else are trick-or-treaters going to cut all this cocaine?
  6. The moment Snuffy trampled the giant yellow bird god to death, all the other Snuffleupagi knew their herd mating ritual had begun.
  7. Don't worry, Gretel. I poked a hole in my colostomy bag so there's no way we'll get lost in Poop Forest.
  8. You may have ripped my arms off, Sasquatch, but you'll never fit into these sexy pumps.
  9. You want a superhero origin story? There's a 12-inch plutonium rod lodged in my lower anal sphincter.
  10. Unclog my milk-ducts and slap some cottage cheese outta these big ol’ man-titties.
  11. No problemo, Houston. We'll make your space bong.
  12. And the Devil makes pee ... But next time try not to cry when we insert the catheter, Mr. Satan.
  13. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    No problemo, Houston. We'll make your space bong.

    Heh! That'd be awesome. I've actually wondered about what the culture was on here playing off one another's catchphrases. Don't know if that'd be stepping on toes or just part of the pitch-like brainstorm.
  14. Doc, I have a bloody stool. I see. Here, take my stool because nobody was just murdered on it in this bar establishment in which we are both enjoying our drinks together.
  15. If any of you aliens pink sock me again, nobody’s getting Reese’s Pieces.
  16. Micro-penis only passes one sperm at a time. Sounds like a tennis ball shooter. Feels like a kidney stone. Been on same orgasm for 33 years. Likely infertile. Mom wants grandkids. Plz kill me.
  17. If you can castrate a mule, you can castrate an elf. And let me tell you: hybrid donkey nuts are horseshit compared to Keebler caviar.
  18. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    Hella hefty butternut squash, bruh.

    Hella hefty butternut squash, bruh.
  19. Man, I’m teed! That merman janked that manatee’s myrrh, man.
  20. Ambergris your palms and let's get up that whale's ass!