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  1. Jiminy Cricket eats the heads off all of his mates, and he knows this is something crickets don’t do.
  2. It used to be Snow White and the Nine Dwarves, but Seven ate Nine.
  3. Careful picking up Tinkerbell; she might pee on your hand.
  4. I was born a dick joke. I was raised by a dick joke. And, so help me God, I will die a dick joke.
  5. Every nude beginning comes from my mother’s big ol' rear-end.
  6. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    Is Paul Rust trying to get in on the lucrative catchphrase game?

    Anyway ... it’s just one the catchphrase go-tos ... which is why ... it doesn’t matter. None of this matters, dude. https://forum.earwolf.com/search/?&q=Steeple&search_and_or=or
  7. Dumpster dildos function as well as, if not better than, a fancy new dildo.
  8. The second-hand bookstore wouldn’t take my used pornographic magazines, but they did take American Express, which I used to buy more used pornographic magazines.
  9. My talent is spinning one nipple tassel clockwise, another counter-clockwise, and still another in a figure eight. Oh, and I have three tits.
  10. To quote my high school ex-girlfriend, "We never dated. We were never friends. Please get off my boyfriend's porch."
  11. I bought glasses to be taken seriously, so now they're seriously lodged in my colon.
  12. This is not the actual Grand Canyon in my living room. I fake all my floor chasms.
  13. Not much sleeping going on in Optimus Prime’s sleeper cab if you know what I mean ... and what I mean is Go-Bot hand-jobs.
  14. The Loch Ness monster has a penis on the end of his toenail.
  15. Where I come from we spell "no-seeums" with a C and call them "no-cums."
  16. In Who’s the Boss, Angela was clearly the boss, but it was Mona who invented the Danza Slap.
  17. Cat people are dog people, only they like cats and post office massacres.
  18. Either this thong is on backwards or my front butt suddenly got very beefy.
  19. A little tired of Robocop using our Starbucks for his morning robocrap.
  20. Sucks being the only weredildo at Werewolf High.
  21. Each is the size of a dinner plate, but a Venn diagram best describes the shape of my uni-nipple.
  22. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    Judge Reinhold was in "Gremlins" and vice versa

    Hey, CBB bump! Nice one. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096380/
  23. You say “Puh-tay-toh,” I say “It’s Mr. Potato to you.”
  24. If you’re not going to let me in then I’m going to start my own club. The PEN 16 Club.