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  1. From this day forward, all shants shall be butt-flapped, all flaps shall be shant-butted, and all butts shall be flap-shanted.
  2. The George Mormon Grill is pretty great for making Planet Kolob God Kabobs.
  3. Lit some candles. Ran a bubble bath. Found grandma's old landline. Been *69ing all night long. Real friendly and chatty staff at her pharmacy.
  4. Just got ghosted by my invisible girlfriend. I did not see that coming. *goddammit .. I'm sorry about this one ... actually, I'm sorry for about 80% of my catchphrase submissions.
  5. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    Welcome to TurdTown, assbutts.

    Welcome to TurdTown, assbutts.
  6. You'll have to tug harder than that, monster truck, cuz the roots of these pubes run deep.
  7. Been trying to get into non-erotic asphyxiation but I keep getting Heimlich’d. *inspired by Scott calling Bob Odenkirk a non-erotic asphyxiation-ist on the latest CBB.
  8. The Luxury Sleeper Car Children thought it was chic and sexy to be rich yet look poor so they rebranded to the Boxcar Children.
  9. Be a little stiality or be a lotta stiality. Just don’t be-a-stiality.
  10. Isn't it ironic the lyric, "It's like an olympic-sized swimming pool on the back of a clown car," was there for the taking, but Alanis Morissette didn't use it?
  11. my heart goes out to the innocent lives that were lost trying to fly a lead zeppelin.
  12. Who am I? I'm the Mayor of NoodleTown and have been since Nine-uh-teen-Spaghetti-Meat-uh-Ball.
  13. Who am I? I'm the Mayor of TacoTown and have been since Nineteen-Queso-Supreme.
  14. Who am I? I'm the Mayor of BurgerTown and have been since Nineteen-Seventy-Cheese.
  15. What a totally normal and reasonable thing to do, Ghengis Khan. Not!
  16. Some Lord of the Lands who fancies himself a culinary artiste put salad in my ranch dressing.
  17. Beard trimmer shorted out and I tripped a circuit. There’s unholy strength in these pubis follicles.
  18. We all live in a yellow submarine with no bathroom so we all agreed Ringo will be our toilet.
  19. Managed to shove the Viper off my third-story balcony before he was able to vipe something called a “vindow.”
  20. My facial features and accessories are never coming out of my ass again, for I am Potato.
  21. Tony the Poopbutt Butterfly

    Is this where I can post if I'm not confident enough for Twitter?

    I was unfunny on Twitter so escaped to this forum where I can continue to be unfunny.
  22. Your erect penis is a mighty fine treasure, Captain, but I was hoping to see your “bone oar”. *edited to be less subtle
  23. I used to laugh whenever breasts were called “chesticles,” but I laugh no more. Not since my dad died of chesticular cancer.