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  1. Thank you for playing everyone's favorite game show, "SKIP THE ADS!"
  2. Oscar Wilde once said, "Only the song and dance of a harp and a flute can get this dirty Irish boy out his gimp suit."
  3. There once was a witch who lived in the south, who punched my balls and spit in my mouth.
  4. It's not like I spend my day sitting at the bus stop. I'm just waiting for my erection to go away.
  5. My Polish doctor says a pierogi in the hand is worth 2 in your gut.
  6. Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you my half brother?
  7. It's time for a shower! Hit pause, and go do that then come back and listen to me.
  8. How's about a handful of soup, baby? That do anything for ya?
  9. I didn't become a vet to help dogs, I did it for the brass monkeys.
  10. Follow me to the alley, we're about to link up like to Gameboys.
  11. This one goes out to all the Chupacabras.
  12. Sweaty is the head that wears the Burger King crown.
  13. Over the hills and through the woods to my drug dealers house I go.
  14. If you really wanted to be a DJ you would've spiked your hair by now.
  15. French me like your math teacher, and I'll Spanish you like my civics teacher.