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  1. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, if you don't wanna get a splinter in your sphincter
  2. Failing your color blind test, thwarts your chances to pass with flying colors.
  3. New Nonno. Becoming a grandfather in italy for the first time. New Nonno
  4. At first if you don't succeed at weight lifting. Try a gain
  5. In the game of 3 dimensional Chess, The Horse is King
  6. It's not the same to say, enjoying a hot java under the hut. as, enjoying under a hot Jabba the Hutt
  7. The difference between fusion and infusion depends on what results after merging Ice cube and Ice T together
  8. Closed Captions? i'd say more like Acquaintance Captions or even Captions with benefits.
  9. Now Available in the deep ocean. after all, we are the huge Manatees podcast
  10. Anything can be pickled. but, deez nuts you'll never sickle, are you down just for tickles?
  11. If you ever encounter a video tape in an eerie log cabin. don't play it. it could be entourage, the movie.
  12. Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream. straight, straight, straight, straight. don't pull an Evergreen.
  13. Johnny Cash despited sound checks
  14. Crime does not pay, on non-business days
  15. i'm still not sure if i am the actual expert or just belong to that person. boy! that apostrophe messed up my life. sorry. i cannot help you with that. thanks a lot for the like tho!