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  1. Hey, is this the place where you can rent a friend?. I'm asking for a friend.
  2. Yes, Being blindfolded while hitting a piñata is customary. but, that ball gag Sir, is totally unnecessary
  3. The ninth Rule of Fight Club is, we don't talk about Lambada Fridays.
  4. Life Hack: if you go to the supply store, you can trade 1 gram of paper for 5 pounds of it
  5. Each action has an equal and opposite Jackson
  6. It's always compelling to Rhyme Pajamas with Bahamas, just like orange with Triceratops
  7. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man put his social life aside
  8. Putting together a sandwich themed puzzle is harder, if you get rid of the edges
  9. Don't get sad if a cookie hits you in the nuts. that's just they way the cookie cramp balls
  10. I've never seen or cared about Sex and the City. I guess i'm such a samantha.
  11. They say, the Caw Caw Caw took my raven away.
  12. A Mustache is a face rug, where you can wipe your fingers before them entering your nose
  13. Where we're going We don't need clothes. i mean roads!...what?...no, you shut up!!!
  14. Follow your dreams, or hire a P.I. to do so and then confront your dreams and your best friend in a motel parking lot.
  15. I finally overcame my dyslexia. AYY!!!!