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    Cheap alternatives to tabletop mic stands?

    I would be very interested in hearing if you have gotten the hang of the presonus mixers yet and, if so, a little on how you use them. Do you do any processing (compressor/eq/limiter etc) in the mixer or is all that still being done in your"secret sauce of post-processing? I'm asking as I have the exact same mixer and use similar, albeit a bit cheaper, microphones as you do. I would like to beef up the sound as much as possible just using the mixer and it's functions but I cannot seem to be able to get the audio amplified as much as I would like to without post processing. Any information would be very much appreciated as I really like the "earwolf sound".
  2. Marked as private for me as well. Came here to check if it was just an issue for me trying to watch them from Sweden. Apparently not.
  3. Go head' on and break 'em off wit a lil' preview of the remix....
  4. Rock n roll skate park!