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    Me You Madness (2021)

    I just read about this movie on Defector. I immediately felt that I want to hear Paul's, June's, and Jason's takes. https://defector.com/louise-lintons-me-you-madness-is-one-unpleasant-film/
  2. Bridget R

    Christmas in Connecticut (1992)

    This is my favourite terrible Christmas movie. For me, the Christmas season isn't complete unless I watch Kris Kristofferson with his mouth full of toothpaste.
  3. Bridget R

    Ep 254 - Love’s Labour’s Lost

    I watched a DVD version and looked at the behind-the-scenes featurette afterward. In it, Brannagh says (I'm paraphrasing) that he decided to be in the cast so that the other actors would agree to be in it. Hubris, indeed. On the whole, I do like his work - just not in this film.
  4. Bridget R

    Ep 254 - Love’s Labour’s Lost

    Word - frightfully boring interpretations! I owned a copy of this film on VHS when I was a preteen or young teenager - bought it for $0.99 (CAD) at a flea market. I didn't remember much about it, which tells me I didn't watch it very often. Unusual for me for movies I owned. Even when I rented movies, I'd watch them the night I rented and again the next morning before returning. Watching it again this evening, I understand why my teenaged self didn't like it. Adult me still doesn't like it. Of the main characters (king, princess, lords, and ladies), the one to me that was far and away the best at the song-and-dance part was Adrian Lester. Wish more of the other main seven characters had been like him. (Seriously, if you're calling something a musical, why not hire actual singers and dancers that can act? Look at Broadway and West End - there are tons of them out there.) I organized my Christmas playlists on my phone while I watched, so I don't feel as bad about taking the 90 minutes to view this movie.