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    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    Chip was not hot (sorry) so it was baffling to me that everyone who saw him was all "AWOOOOGA HOTTIE ALERT." The fact that he acts like a not-very-bright child who had too much sugar doesn't help, either. I wanted them to mention the dancing scene at the ball! Almost every other couple dancing was two women. At first I was like, is this queer representation??? But then I realized that that scene had exactly the same energy as when you go to a ballroom dancing class and there are 20 women to 5 men so a bunch of the women learn to lead, just so they can dance at all. Are Santa Ex, Justin, and a couple dudes at the bar the only men in this town? No wonder MJH is so ready to jump Chip and army-guy-nephew. There are NOT a lot of fish in this sea.