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    I've seen in other venues that Conan has fond memories of Worcester, MA. /s I think he should have the writer/performer of the (local to Worcester) hit song "(Gotta Get) Out of Worcester" on the show (fellow named Roger Salloom). Conan may have grown up hearing that song. In fact, it may even have inspired him to get out of Worcester! They probably share deep (and horrifying) memories of the place, a good chance for bonding and shared antipathy, and it could just turn into a good bitch session about the state of the world. Alcohol is always a possibility as well in such a discussion... And, yes, this is a total case of nepotism on my part. I'm not Roger, but I am his cousin. Besides, they're almost twins: Conan is like 7 feet tall, Roger's around 5 feet tall. Conan has skin lighter than Dover Cliffs, Roger has a permanent tan. Conan has long wavy red hair, Roger has black curly hair. They could be twin brothers!