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  1. I get this movie is loved by lots of people, but so are some of the other movies featured on HDTGM. This movie is ripe for ridicule. First, we have the super uncomfortable sexualization of a 12 year old girl. The main character is tortured by the fact that it would be considered wrong to molest her. The DEA is apparently run by a coked up group of thugs who make no attempt to hide that fact. It’s not like they’re a secret sect of outlaw agents, all of the normal looking officers are just cool with this gang walking through their offices running things. When Natalie Portman decides she wants to learn to be a hitman, Leon bring her up to a rooftop to shoot a US representative with a paintball gun from several hundred yards away, which she is able to do in her first shot. Then there is the oft memed, “EVERYONE!” scene which is also hilarious, because the officer clearly took it literally and packed a tiny stairwell with hundreds of officers. Then Leon and Portman proceed to walk down the staircase, past those hundreds of officers, to safety. There is plenty more hilarious stuff about this movie that I’m sure would make for a great episode.