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  1. Jean Claude Van Damme has to stop a group of terrorists from blowing up the hockey arena and killing the vice president of the USA during game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Some of the highlights of this film include: JCVD fighting the Pittsburgh Penguin mascot, JCVD setting someone on fire with a lighter and a squirt gun, but the ultimate highlight that immediately asks the question "How Did This Get Made?!" is when he changes into goalie equipment and enters the game to stop a penalty shot! This movie is so enjoyably bad it's almost good, but definitely bad...
  2. Ravindra

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Really enjoyed this episode. Maybe next time you guys shouldn't announce to everyone that Scott is going to the show so that way maybe not so many people keep staring at him to see if he is having a good time and it can be a little more of an organic experience. But keep the microphone on because those clips you played were hilarious. This episode makes me excited for a concert I will be going to in about a month with a group of friends. Will definitely be listening to this episode again before the show. I almost want to bring a microphone with me just to hear some of the stuff people are saying throughout the show. (And, like Harris, I won't remember a lot of the night as well)
  3. Ravindra

    Episode 16.5 — Minisode 17

    "Skyline, you can't unsee it..." "Skyline, one bad decision after the other..."
  4. Ravindra

    Episode 16.5 — Minisode 17

    Skyline slogans "From the people who watched District 9!" "Skyline! You'll never care about what happens to the characters!" "Always bet on blue...brains..."