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    480: Golf Exclusion, Biden’s First Week

    Hey there, I can't find the email that people use to send Bryan and Erin feedback/comments, so I'll just leave it here. I'm not sure if I'm even supposed to hear ads since I pay for Spotify Premium, so I think this might have been a glitch? But it was very jarring to hear an ad for Kevin Hart's podcast in the first third of the this episode when the hosts have talked before about how his homophobia and n'apolology are really unacceptable. Seemed off-brand and accidental, and something Bryan and Erin might take issue with, so hopefully a producer/intern sees this and passes it along. Otherwise, another great ep as usual and I always love hearing the None of this Nun song that absolutely should be in the remake when they cast Emily Blunt as Maria-in-her-30s.