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  1. Pigbearman_007

    Scott predicted it!!

    In episode 310 scott predicts that in the future there will be dog currency with a picture of a dog on it . Way ahead of the curve. Listen between minutes 45 through 50
  2. Pigbearman_007

    Today I got actual FOAM CORNERS in the mail

    I feel your spirit bro.
  3. Pigbearman_007

    Thomas middleditch and horatio sanz

    Can we get these 2 together agian,maybe throw ben Schwartz in there as well. Thank you.Currently relistening to all the day 1 stuff hilarious, this show really helps me get through the day.
  4. Pigbearman_007

    Detective mike

    Would be funny to hear rob heubel do detective mike with brett gelman thomas middleditch or jason mantzoukas bring back detective mike for an opportunity listener Nybody would do just rob herself doing detective mike
  5. Pigbearman_007

    Ebon schletter's Witching hour

    Need this album in my life from the first real Halloween episode ever on cbb
  6. Pigbearman_007

    Ccb eban schletter's witching hour

    Would anybody be interested in point me in the direction of this album only here it here Need help please