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  1. Just because I own a bottle of moisturizer that doesn’t make me a pervert
  2. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. My Bonnie is a bit of a piss freak.
  3. Does anyone have a good stream for Phillip’s funeral?
  4. She was a South Dakota six but a North Dakota no from me dawg.
  5. She’s got a ticket to ride but I’ve got a splitting headache.
  6. Don’t call me a simp because my bizkit is limp.
  7. Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match. Find me a find. Snatch me some snatch.
  8. It’s Air Force One not Air Force Run
  9. Mary Anning was more than a seashell seller. She collected fossils and contributed important information about prehistoric life to the scientific community. She was also a narc.
  10. “He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”
  11. Funny that someone actually escalated it to Scott as if you’re going through old eps and punching up catchphrases. We stand with Tooty.
  12. Pee poo peepoo by the peepoo.
  13. So you waxed your beard and butt? That don’t impress me much.
  14. From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust. You’ll rise again, in this I thrust.
  15. Don’t forget to wash your wiener.
  16. Plantar fasciitis is my arch nemesis.
  17. It’s times like these I could use a smooch.
  18. Take off my panties and sing me a shanty.
  19. Some good old fashioned Fallon free entertainment.
  20. She was a lot pissed off that she was a little peed on.
  21. Tell your mother I’ll always love her.
  22. Goodbye Norma Jean. Text me when you get home safe.
  23. Don’t cum on my bagel and call it a cruller.
  24. Boob Seger

    Lock the gates!

    Lock the gates!