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  1. I listened to the podcast about The Snowman two times before I actually saw the film. Im from Sweden and I found the casting interesting. There is lots of Swedish actors playing Norwegians. It's no problem, Norway Is sort of our Canada. Peter Dalle who plays the father of the murderer is a famous comedian and movie director more recently. Jonas Karlsson is a leading man in lots of Swedish movies. Sofia Helin who plays the murderers mother is also Swedish. I don't think the film has a Norwegian actor in a mayor role. Its interesting that they made the effort to remove all Norwegian in the movie, since they actually use two Swedish songs in the movie. First is one in the flashback when the older detective is walking on the roof. The other one is in the scene Rebecca Fergusons character gets the information that was for Harry Hole. The song is by the singer from Blue Swede (Björn Shifs) with the refrain "Dangerous dangerous but delightfully" sung in Swedish. The reason I found it interesting to see the film now is that I found similar problems with his (Thomas Alfredson) latest film "Se upp för Jönssonligan" that released Christmas 2020. Thats a crime comedy that is based on a series of films that was big in the 80s. In the same way as The Snowman the film has the this strange relation to technology, and is really unfocused and a mess. His latest is also current day, but they use lots of technology from the 80s and 70s for no reason, the characters in the world don't seam to use computers. Don't know what's up with Alfredson. I know that he had a big projekt that was based on a famous book by Astrid Lindgren that fell through some years before The Snowman. Also he's father had been sick for some time and died a month before the Snowman released. It's sad and I hope he gets back to making interesting films like Let the Right One In.