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    Splice (2009)

    The sex scene alone is worth reviewing! Adrian Brody won an Oscar and now he is humping a human/animal hybrid???
  2. aroseyglow

    Cool As Ice

    Oh this is a great suggestion, this movie is confusing bad!
  3. aroseyglow

    Obsessed (2009)

    This movie was so frustrating to watch and completely irrational. Ali Larter's character goes completely nuts for no reason! There is no affair or leading on by the male character, she just goes crazy despite his many attempts at stopping her. Then there is Beyonce's uber jealous irrational character as well. She completely overreacts and kicks him out for no reason. Her acting is so horrible. Idris Alba is such a talented actor it is confusing why he would take such a ridiculous role.....unless he wanted to sleep with Beyonce or Ali Larter. I mean this is Stringer Bell!?! This is like Nic Cage type career suicide. Please review this mess.
  4. aroseyglow

    Basic Instinct 2

    This is one of the worst movie sequels ever made. The absence of Michael Douglas definitely sealed the deal on the failure of this sequel. This movie is full of some of the worst dialogue, "plot twists", and an aged woman clinging to youth than I have seen in a long time. It is worth a good laugh and head scratch.
  5. aroseyglow

    Best Co-hosts ever

    Please have Natasha Leggero and Tom Lennon back on ASAP, they are fantastic!