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  1. PLEASE do this movie.  I just saw this movie in theaters and it was bonkers.  This movie tired to re-imagine the crusades as a Call of Duty game and shoe horn in as many social justice issues as it could while conveniently  forgetting feminism.

    They tried to combine occupy wall st, diversity, wealth re-distribution, middle east politics, socialism and terrorism all in one script and failed horribly.  Its as if this movie was written by A.I after reading woke twitter.  At one point Taran Egerton's 15th century robin hood character yells "who wants wealth re-distribution?!?!?!"  into a crowd.

    Im all for social justice but, this was a weird ham fisted attempt with zero subtlety.  Will be great podcast material when its on DVD which I anticipate will be soon.

    For some reason the primary form of fighting was close quarter archery.