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  1. HOLY CRAP THIS WAS BAD! I promise the entire movie you'll be saying "WTF!" Seriosly, none of it makes sense. IMDB
  2. FnFrank

    Episode 27.5 — Minisode 27.5

    I just want to say that Crank 2 isn't a "Bad Flick". I mean yeah it's balls out crazy, but that's what it's supposed to be. It's fucking Crank 2 fer fucks sake, a sequel to fucking Crank! If it was supposed to be a family fun romp, I'd understand. What I'm saying is you can't chastise a movie for being fucked up, when it's meant to be fucked up. It would be like making fun of Dude Where's My Car for being stupid. That's why I haven't suggested Gummo (though that would be an extremely interesting conversation, in fact fuck it, do Gummo PLEASE!).
  3. FnFrank

    Resident Evil 4: Afterlife

    Already posted
  4. FnFrank

    The Spirit (2008)

    Couldn't finish it, and never will.
  5. FnFrank

    Real Steel

    Too easy.
  6. One of the worst. The awfulness will blow your mind. Supposedly it's a Vincent D'Onofrio film!?! You know that trick some low budget indy crap films try to use when they give a known actor top billing when they really only have like 30 seconds of screen time, this movie does that, but the 2 top billed actors are fucking nobodies and have like 5 small lines of dialogue between them and you really don't even see their faces. I'm not going to spoil it. JUST FUCKING WATCH THIS SHIT! Don't Go In The Woods (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1651065/
  7. Paul said the video was going to be posted on the Earwolf site, just wondering where?
  8. Gay = lame or played out, retarded = stupid, which is exactly what this argument is (lame,played out, and stupid), and I've had it many times over various words. Joe you said: "To me it would be better to be specific about what disability the individual has that way you aren't generalizing." So, by that logic the comment June made which Joel referenced should have been "maybe I have down syndrome"? Though arguably funnier, that is exponentially more offensive. I know what you want and what you mean. She should have said "maybe I missed it" or "maybe I'm stupid". But first, you don't always get what you want. Second, she said retarded because obviously that's how she speaks, and that's why podcasts are cool because you can talk the way you actually talk without having a FCC gun to you're head like a scripted broadcast robot. And third, if she had said 'stupid' wouldn't that have offended stupid people. You know, stupid people aren't stupid because they want to be, they're born that way and they don't have a choice. The word retard is short for mental retardation which is a broad term that used to be used to describe a disorder or condition appearing before adulthood that includes below-average general intellectual function (IQ's below 70), and a lack of the skills necessary for daily living. So, no one is actually retarded and the term was used correctly. In fact Joel is the one actually offending people by making the connection that intellectually disabled people are retarded. The word gay actually used to mean happy but for some reason the baby boomer generation decided it would mean homosexual. I don't know why, maybe because the relief of finally being able to be yourself out in the open made one feel gay. But then the X and Y generations chose to change the meaning again to lame. I don't know why, they just did, maybe in another 50 years it'll mean rich or strong or bad ass or pickle who knows. Gays just want to be gay and not be judged. I just want to use the term gay to describe things as lame and not be judged. Three things I learned from the film Bambi: If you can't say anything nice, don't say any thing at all. Someday a bunch of guys are going to come to my forest and shoot my mom in the face. And Bambi is a great name for strippers because it reminds you of sexy little deer ass. (wait Bambi was a boy, so why take the name?). Let me tell you a joke with the don't say anything nice rule (aka politically correct rules) which isn't offensive to anybody: A person walks into a place and there's another person in that place. One person says something to the other person and the other person says something. There we go freaking hilarious. How dare you use the great Louis CK to support your argument, if anything I should. If you want to make an argument about offending people Louis CK should definitely not be your go to guy. I think you missed the point that Louis CK, George Carlin, Doug Stanhope and tons of other people have been trying make. It's simple and basic, words have no power, people (you) give them power. It's not the word that you should be concerned with it's the user and how it is used. By giving the words power you help perpetuate their notions and undermine the victims. Until people realize this point there's just going to be a bunch of gay ass retards running around pissing each other off because they have nothing better to do. In fact I'd say there are several special interest groups which are highly invested in keeping this kind of cyclical hate mongering alive and well forever. You've heard the phrase pulling strings; well imagine a bunch of strings connected to puppets, each string is a word like gay, retard, bitch, faggot, cunt, nigger, deer, etc., if you take away the strings then they won't be there for people like Fox News to pull.
  9. FnFrank

    Episode 16.5 — Minisode 17

    "Don't look now but another toke'n black guy bites the dust halfway through a movie." "Battle: Los Angeles rapes Independence Day while War of the Worlds watches." "Aliens, the other brain holders." "Humans, the other white meat." "When all of Earth's military forces fail, one man's goatee holds the fate of the world." "When goatees, goawild!" "There goes the neighbors." "Nightmare vaginas eat brains in... SKYLINE!"
  10. FnFrank

    The Beaver

    You guys should definitely take a proverbial dump on this "film". I think Mel Gibson did this to publicly punish himself in retribution to the Jewish peoples. Jodie Foster said it was the worst thing she'd ever done and she doesn't like to talk about it. (and she did Nell). Seriously full of WTF, should be the tagline.
  11. You know what, I don't know where to start. Over sensitivity and insane PC BS is more offensive, insulting, unsettling, antagonistic, and a host of other adjectives to me than the words retard or gay are to mentally handicapped/challenged (which seems just as offensive to me) or homosexual people. What if June had said "maybe I'm mentally challenged but..."? Would that be better? Maybe people shouldn't say bitch because it offends female dogs. You're retort would be female dogs are bitches and they can't understand anyway. Then I would say exactly. Why even step out of your politically correct hypocritical bubble to try and enjoy comedic performances if you are so easily offended. And it truly is you and the other torch carriers who pretend to be offended so you can fill that whole in your ego with self righteousness as if it were a narcotic. The actual people that are supposedly victimized could care less. You've heard the phrases "change the channel" or "tune to another station", well this is a podcast, which is virtually impossible to just stumble across by accident and can easily be rectified with a simple click. Who are you the self imposed FCC? The FCC says: "Material is offensive if it offends the "average" broadcast viewer or listener. Commission staff, and ultimately the Commissioners themselves, decide what the average person finds offensive." However, in the legal arena, judges have struggled to see if existing laws apply to the internet, and one of the major reasons cited for the difference between traditional broadcasting and the web was the “passive” nature of web pages, where you must actively find them via hyperlink or a search engine. And is it just me or does the last line in joel's post seem to be a bit of a veiled threat? I'd encourage you to wash the sand out of your vagina and take up a new cause freedom of speech. I could go on but this old argument is becoming gay and retarded. BOOM!