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  1. And John is getting fucked by Paul
  2. Do I change this to: Just Disappointed Money with Jim Cramer ?
  3. He’s not the mad hatter, he’s just the disappointed hatter
  4. I didn’t know what limestone was, looked it up, and now I do..
  5. I can only cum if I’m being physically stimulated, or, in some cases, mentally stimulated
  6. Lucky for you, you can’t smell a podcast
  7. I like my women like I like my coffee- better with analogies than I am
  8. My favorite Pringle Stack is just to half the ratio of any flavor with plain
  9. New Catchphrase suggestions: first drafts only!
  10. Why do all my improv friends hate my style of “shooting down all their suggestions” while we’re riffing? I do that with my Boston comedian friends all the time....
  11. For all you know, this is hell, pal
  12. Quick tip for losing weight while really working out your abs- vomiting after meals
  13. Kevllis