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  1. Danger’s not my middle name
  2. I just got here tho I guess I’ve always been self conscious about using my standard profile name, and not some kooky name like DonJuanSawMyButthole, or something
  3. You say potato, I say what about potatoes, what is it with you and these fuckin potatoes?
  4. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!!...... they, the organized crime family of course
  5. I thought I just cut the quick, but doctor says I lost a bunch of my pinky
  6. Now that I figured out my cat Maebel is actually a boy, it’s pretty weird that I’ve been kissing him on the mouth this whole time
  7. Cats are really just smaller, domesticated versions of bigger cats
  8. Well if you think you’re better than me, Randall Park, why don’t you fucking host this show- YOURE the one who’s a loser!
  9. after a long night of eating skittles and watching YouTube alone, end it with alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews: they’re still *kinda* like skittles
  10. Get tha fuuck outta here!...... how many times has this been suggested yet??
  11. Gymnasts must go through an awful amount of mental gymnastics
  12. Can someone massage my feet without all the direct eye contact?
  13. To all the fathers out there on this day..... YOU’RE NOT ME REAL DAD!
  14. Hey The Kinks- get with the times, nobody knows what a “party line” is anymore