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  1. Now that it’s over, let me acknowledge that the Texas ice freeze was colder than Scully giving a cold shoulder to Mulder while he’s cracking ice from an ice cube tray holder to make an old fashioned at an outdoor bar in a town called Boulder. “Scully, even if you one day become my baby mama, I’ll never be your bitch,” is what he told her as her eyes smoldered. Later on at the hotel room: “I want you to draw me. Wearing this. Wearing only this.” She said as she held up an alien-green beanie with patch of a cartoon UFO with a tractor beam and the words: GET IN LOSER WE’RE NOT DOING BUTT STUFF ANYMORE, I’M OVULATING. He got aroused. “Well, that Texas ice freeze might have been cold, but right now I feel cooler than an Antarctic base station computer printer spooler,” said Mulder as he turned to the camera.
  2. If that line is in No Time To Die, it will get me back out to the theaters.
  3. Honey I shrunk the kids, shame on you. Honey I blew up the kid, shame on me. Honey I shrunk this dick, shame on the electrician for not hooking up the hot water heater to the Tesla Powerwall.
  4. Do it now, clock it good. Adjust this pussy just like you should, my neck, my back, spring forward fall back.
  5. Lucky that my nuts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with Oprah