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  1. TheloniousThicc

    Hey the nong face, man?

    Characters welcome fuckface
  2. Stick your dick in the comedy bong you fuckin idiot
  3. TheloniousThicc

    The moment I realized Zeus was real, I was thunderstruck.

    I get it Because AC/DC means alternating current and direct current respectively, Thunderstruck is a playful pun on the band's electric name
  4. TheloniousThicc

    Disappointed Money with Jim Cramer

    No, Fourvel. I'm not mad. I'm just d i s a p p o i n t e d
  5. TheloniousThicc

    What's down, cool cat?

  6. TheloniousThicc

    Disappointed Money with Jim Cramer

    Why would you do this to me
  7. I'm not Madagascar, I'm just Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  8. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
  9. TheloniousThicc

    Gaze upon my gazebo.

    welcome to comedy bang bang
  10. 'Taint a taint to put it quaint, a butthole's not congruent; a taint will stay the same old size, a butthole you can grew it.
  11. TheloniousThicc

    Well toss a weiner in my beer mug and call me Frankenstein!

    Not bad. Not bad.