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  1. In a financial rut? Head my word; try a nut in the butt. Just send me my cut you nerd.
  2. No matter how drunk I get, I still cry when I touch my penis.
  3. The major difference between cupcakes and cake; the first leaves them hungry, the latter makes them gape.
  4. If style is the language of the mind, then toots are the songs of the behind.
  5. If keeping time is hip, then consider these implants a metronome.
  6. Marie Boobies & Ricky Dicks

    Get ready to laugh. 

    Get ready to laugh.
  7. Three strikes is an out, and four balls a walk; deep in the hen house, you find the best cocks.
  8. When I'm in da club, and I hear da beat drop, I rush straight home and kissa da Kulap.
  9. I've hosted this show for twelve years, and all I got was this stupid catchphrase.
  10. It used to be death ray, but now it's bang bang, logon to my only fans to see which way my dick hangs.
  11. From out of the window, to under my nuts, these are the things I put in my butt.
  12. OMG it's 4:20! Pull a 180 into the 76 so we can 69!