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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Great show. As a Phish fan it was a lot of fun (and sometimes frustrating) to listen to. Harris, I admire what you're trying to do, but I think it may be impossible considering your format. Scott is probably not going to like Phish based on short snippets of songs. And he's definitely not going to like them based on "advanced" songs you played for him. By that, I mean songs like Fluffhead and even YEM with their seemingly silly lyrics and atonal shit musically. That is, unti you "get it." . Whenever I try to convert someone (and I've only done it successfully twice) I start out with the songs that most "Phans" (hate that gay term but it works here) couldn't care less about. Like studio versions of Sample in a Jar, Billy Breathes, Free, Waste (good for lyric lovers), Backwards Down The Number Line etc... These are what those who have not awakened to the splendor of Phish will recognize as "songs." Once you get them grooving on these tunes, you can move to some accessible covers like While My Guitar Gently Weep, 5:15, Jesus Just Left Chicago (must use 11/17/97 version though) and Oh Sweet Nuthin'. These feel like genuine rock (and blues) songs to the unenlightened. At that point, I do a compare and contrast. I start with a studio version like Twist or Back on the Train and once I get tacit approval from their retarded ear, I blow their minds by putting on a live version of said song that includes a tight - and this is key at this point in the game- jam. For example, I might use Back on the Train from this recent Chicago (8/15/11) show. At this point, the listener is usually more than intrigued. If not, I give up altogether and understand they will never, ever get to experience the jizzyness of the 8/17/97 Gin. Speaking of which, that might be my next step. Getting the listener into a rawk peak type jam. There are plenty of those. The Went Gin being a brilliant example of that. I also usually completely annoy my captive listener by exclaiming during this jam that "this is true improvisation! Can you fucking believe this shit is just spontaneously created by these guys on stage? " (at this point even I hate Phish and myself for what they've made me become). It is around this time - and only this time- that you can truly let your listener in on things like YEM, Harry Hood, Slave, etc... But still no Fluffhead. Everyone needs to discover that on their own. You can have that tune forced on you. I have thousands of SBDs and recordings (you probably do as well, but I thought I'd offer) and would happily provide you with any resources you need via sendspace or some other file sharing service. Oh, and, I've got to give it to Scott for being so incredibly open-minded. It's refreshing. He obviously loves music and has a lot of knowledge so it seems like he's a good candidate for this. He just needs to hear it all in the right order and with a proper amount of time. Keep up the good work, guys. PS> I have a 5 inch taint.