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    Episode 139 — Win a Farmhouse

    YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT! - wrestling fans Nah, jay kay, y'all. It's great news, I couldn't be happier for the CBB team.
  2. elliot1326655057

    Episode 4 — Gelmania IV

    Scary good stuff. And I do mean scary.
  3. elliot1326655057

    Episode 74 — Sklarbro Mixtape 2011

    This might be unsolicited, but I’m going to post five of my favorite songs from this year. WHO’S WITH ME?? The Poison Control Center “Underground Bed” from Sad Sour Future Young Widows “Future Heart” from In and Out of Youth and Lightness Tom Waits “Talking at the Same Time” from Bad As Me Heartsounds “Elements” from Drifter Bon Iver “Perth” from s/t
  4. elliot1326655057

    Episode 6 — Apple-tini

    Hey, it turns out Tim Hardaway has recently worked with gay rights groups and educated himself on homosexuality. So it’s okay for Ben to like him again!
  5. elliot1326655057

    Episode 73 — Ol\' Cookiebeard

    Loved the shoutout to Screeching Weasel. And hey, does anyone know what Kyle’s band from back in the day was called or if there’s any music online? Also, thank you for playing “Sailing.” I have a troubling amount of affection for that song.
  6. elliot1326655057

    Episode 33 — Competition

    Excitebike was great! And by great I mean it was probably terrible but my 6-year old brain was way into it.
  7. elliot1326655057

    Episode 72 — That\'s So Selleck!

    Wow, that was some of Adomian’s best work. Get that on Comedy Bang Bang immediately!
  8. elliot1326655057

    Episode 45 — Walking The Room

    Interesting to hear Dave’s thoughts on going into the back catalogue of Uhh Yeah Dude and not being as into those episodes, because I actually have the opposite experience with them. Jonathan and Seth have the same rapport in every single show that makes it such a fantastic listening experience for me, but I guess that experience could feel different for other people. I just assumed everyone else was like me, but I was wrong. I love Walking the Room! And it’s episodes like this that remind me I should keep up more with The Wolf Den.
  9. elliot1326655057

    Episode 5 — Analyze Phish Episode 3

    "anyone who doesn't at least appreciate Phish is an impatient, narrow-minded fool, in my professional opinion." I'm going to have to hope that you're being a little snarky with that comment, but in response anyway, I'd like to say that I simply don't like how they SOUND. They funkiness, the organ, the vocals...none of it is pleasing to me. But yes, the length of their jamming also pisses me off. And in case you really do feel that anyone who doesn't like Phish is a fool, please lighten up. I simply love Tom Waits, but I can't expect everyone I know to love him too.
  10. elliot1326655057

    Episode 52 — One Year Anniversary!

    Howard, “The Beach Comba” was everything I could have wished for and more. As the winter descends on my Iowa home, the harsh reality of summah’s passing is tough to take, but this song has got me revved up for next year, when I will make sure to seize every day like it’s the last day of summah.
  11. elliot1326655057

    Episode 5 — Analyze Phish Episode 3

    Harris, I pulled up Grantland while listening to this episode, and found your latest HumbleBrag article. YOU ARE EVERYWHERE. Though I hate having to type this title, “Harry Hood” was the first song out of these three episodes where I found myself saying, “Holy crap, I’m having a hard time finding something to hate here!” In those first couple minutes, all I could hear was a truly pleasing melody, with a sensibility close to 90’s bands like Cap’n Jazz, Don Caballero or At the Drive-in. Trey wasn’t going high up on the neck and squealing out stupid bullshit, he was just playing really neat little chords and melodic runs.And thennnnnnn it just kept going and went in directions I didn’t care for at all, with ugly guitar notes and big attempts at being big and grand. This is my inescapable problem with jamming: You don’t need that much of the same thing to achieve something huge. I know some people might say they’re doing a bunch of different stuff during a jam, but I just want them to move along. Oh yeah, and the funky parts are unlistenable. The Ramones are my favorite band, so that might explain why I just can’t take what Phish is laying down. BUT I don’t hate them like I used to. I now have an informed, educated strong dislike of them. UPDATE: I wrote this before listening to the end of the episode, and that jamming was the most irritating goddamn thing I’ve heard in my life. Trey staying on that one note for like 30 seconds made me take back any respect I have for them. I went back to hating Phish. You screwed it all up again, Harris!
  12. elliot1326655057

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    "...If you want to look like a desk." Wonderful. Thanks for coming back, James!
  13. elliot1326655057

    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    I've listened to every episode, but this was the first movie I've actually watched before listening, and that was probably necessary because I wouldn't have had any idea what the hell you guys were talking about the entire time. I of course was miserable during the entire viewing experience, so there are many points I could harp on, but what really tore it for me was the revelation that her piano teacher was the killer. Really, her fucking piano teacher?? The guy we saw in ONE scene at the beginning who was such a nothing character that the only thing I remembered about him (and which led me to realize he was the killer) was his bald spot?? Good lord, what an awful twist. It's one step above having your plot be, "And check this out, remember the guy she bumped into at the grocery store who had no lines and made no eye contact with her? That's the killer, dude! Isn't that fucked up and cool??"
  14. elliot1326655057

    Episode 63 — The Sklar Triplets

    That was an even better episode than I could have expected. Great job to all three of you! And on the topic of fantasy football rooting interests, I'll give this example: I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, and when they played the Lions last Sunday, I was faced with the dilemma you're speaking of since I have Calvin Johnson on my fantasy team. When I first started playing fantasy a couple years ago I took it more seriously, so I probably would have been torn over who I was rooting for. But as you mention, fantasy football is based so much on luck and chance, and as I've come to realize that I now can put aside fantasy rooting interests and just root for my Boys. When Calvin Johnson caught the game-winning TD, I did not groan but celebrate for my fantasy team. I instead fell off the couch, onto the floor and laid there for a few seconds, feeling the pain a sports fan is supposed to feel when his team takes a dump in his mouth.
  15. elliot1326655057

    Episode — Earwolf Challenge Epilogue

    Oh Dirk, I would never wish you dead. The world needs you to knock down all those farce reality podcasts out there.