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    Bonanas for Bonanza

    I have been an avid Earwolfian since the "What's up, hotdog?" days, and I still have the Howlapp installed just because I like to see it there among my icons. I finally made an account here just to come see if we need to kickstart the 3rd season, of Bonanas for Bonanza. I figure the only way Dalton wouldn't keep doing the show is if he got captured by monsters (unlikely, I know, but maybe the monsters overwhelmed him with sheer numbers), or if his home in the mine collapsed. Either way, if we raise enough funds maybe we can hire an excavation crew to start digging at the mine, or if he's been captured then maybe we can pay his ransom. Look, whatever it takes, we need to do anything we can to find and rescue (if need be) Dalton, Mutt and Amy (if we can find her and pry her away from her holy entrepreneurship) and put microphones in front of their face so we can once again hear the insightful and amusing things they have to say about the greatest tv show ever. Truly this podcast has been a source of joy for me and I hope to hear more of it in the future. P.S. The song is the best podcast theme ever, it gets stuck in my head, and though I have never been much of an "experimenter" in the romance department, Marc McConville can fucking GET IT from me based on his slide guitar playing alone. Seriously, that guy's hands should be dipped in gold and made into an altar for aspiring pedal steel players to pay homage at.