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    After (2019)

    This movie is next level. The intense staring makes up 95% of the movie and it's just one weird music video montage sequence after another. If you put together all the dialogue, the whole thing would take less than 25 minutes.
  2. arisonford

    Pan (2015)

    My friend told me Hugh Jackman died making this movie so I walked around thinking he was legit dead for two years and every movie he made was just bomb CGI. It looked so horrible that she convinced herself he was in the throws of death, and after watching just the trailer, I was like yah, this checks.
  3. Sweet Home Alabama is objectively the *most racist movie* I have ever seen; no one has ever peddled "heritage not hate" so hard in a major motion picture, and the results should be considered a hate crime and are legit insane. The North is the bad guy, the confederate flags are everywhere, there's a segregated dog cemetery labeled with racial slurs, there's Black women working at a plantation in old timey maid outfits, and you're supposed to hate the mother of the groom for not shaking the hand of a man in a confederate soldier uniform. Yet, the movie is framed as a sweet romcom. A How Did This Get Made must.
  4. arisonford

    The Kissing Booth (2018)

    It's objectively 19 different movies crammed into 2 hours. Most importantly, what the actual hell is this dance team? Is the school paying these two idiots to go to an arcade? That's a thing now?
  5. arisonford

    Swiped (2018)

    This movie is a must. Legit also made an account to post about this movie. I've never seen so much insanity in one place. It's like a car crash - you can't look away.